When it comes to pressure washing your home, there are a few common mistakes that can end up causing more harm than good. 

Here are fourteen of the most common mistakes to avoid when pressure washing your home:

1.  Not Understanding The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Power Washing

Pressure washing uses a low-pressure stream of water to clean dirt and grime off surfaces, while power washing uses a high-pressure stream of water. Power washing can damage delicate surfaces, so it’s important to know which one to use for your particular project.

2. Not Using the Right Equipment

One of the most common mistakes people make when pressure washing their homes is not using the right equipment. If you don’t have the right type of pressure washer for your home, you could end up damaging your siding or even breaking windows. Be sure to do your research and find a pressure washer that’s specifically designed for use in homes.

3. Not Testing the Pressure Washer First

Another mistake people make is not testing their pressure washers before they start washing their homes. This is a big mistake because you could end up causing serious damage to your home if the pressure washer isn’t working properly. 

Don’t forget to test the pressure washer before using it. Some pressure washers have a feature that allows you to test the pressure output before using it on your surface. This is important to do to make sure you’re not going to damage the surface you’re cleaning. Be sure to test the pressure washer on another surface, such as a piece of wood, before using it in your home.

4. Not Following The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for your pressure washer before using it. This will help you understand how to use it properly and safely.

5. Not Knowing What You’re Doing

If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, it’s important to do some research and understand how it works before using it. This will help you avoid damaging your property or harming yourself.

6. Not Moving the Pressure Washer Regularly

Another common mistake people make when pressure washing their homes is not moving the pressure washer regularly. If you leave the pressure washer in one spot for too long, you could end up damaging that area of your home. Be sure to move the pressure washer around so that you evenly distribute the water and avoid any potential damage.

7. Not Using The Right Pressure Setting

 Depending on the surface you’re cleaning, you’ll need to adjust the pressure accordingly. For example, if you’re pressure washing your driveway, you’ll need higher pressure than if you were cleaning your deck or siding. Not using the right pressure can damage surfaces and leave them looking worse than before.

8. Not Using The Right Nozzle

In addition to using the right pressure setting, you’ll also need to use the right nozzle. Different nozzles create different types of spray patterns, so you’ll need to choose the right one depending on what you’re cleaning. For example, if you’re cleaning your gutters, you’ll want to use a nozzle that creates a narrow, concentrated stream of water.

9. Not Moving The Wand In A Consistent Pattern

When pressure washing, it’s important to move the wand in a consistent pattern. This will ensure that all areas are evenly cleaned and that no spots are missed.

10. Getting Too Close To Surfaces

Getting too close to surfaces with the pressure washer can damage them. Always start with the wand a few feet away from the surface and then slowly move closer if needed.

11. Using Too Much Pressure

Whether you’re using a pressure washer or a power washer, it’s important to use the right amount of pressure for the surface you’re cleaning. Too much pressure can damage siding, paint, brick, and other surfaces.

12. Not Protecting Your Property

Make sure to remove any loose items from your yard before you start pressure washing, as they can be blown around and cause damage. Also, be careful not to point the stream of water directly at windows or other glass surfaces, as this can break them.

13. Not Protecting Yourself

Pressure washing can be dangerous, so it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself. Always wear protective clothing, including gloves, goggles, and long sleeves, and be careful not to point the stream of water at yourself or anyone else.

14. Not Rinsing Off Your Home After Washing

One final mistake to avoid when pressure washing your home is not rinsing off your home after you’ve finished washing it. If you don’t rinse off your home, the soap and chemicals from the pressure washer can end up damaging your siding or paint. Be sure to rinse off your home with a garden hose after you’ve finished pressure washing it.

Avoiding these fourteen common mistakes will help you pressure wash your home without damaging it. If you do damage your home while pressure washing it, be sure to call a professional to have the damage repaired.

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